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Christmas At CBGB

From the Baghdaddios (currently filed in the "where are they now?" bin) comes a Christmas At CBGB. Happy holidays everyone from all of us here at the New York Nobody Sings. Thanks for being an early adopter of this blog. We hope you keep coming back!


10 years and many glass towers ago on the Bowery

I can't say that I have any opinion of UK singer-songerwriter Beth Orton. Eh.

But. The video for her "Central Reservation" was shot on the Bowery and other parts of the Lower East Side. The song is from 1999 — just 10 years ago, but look at how much has changed. You'll get a good shot of Cooper Square around the 28-second mark. No Bowery Hotel. Cooper Square Hotel. 2 Cooper Square. The Astor Place Tower. Avalon Bowery Place....


Funtime on the Bowery

I don't know anything about the current bathroom accommodations at John Varvatos' repugnant little boutique at 315 Bowery, but the men's room of that address' former tenant, CBGB, was deservedly the stuff of legend. Whole books have practically been written about it, so I shan't bother going into it now. In any case, I just finally watched punk-era filmmaker Amos Poe's 1977 film, "The Foreigner" (after reading about it in Nick Rombes excellent new book, "A Cultural Dictionary of Punk." ) If you want to read more about the film, click here, but here's a little snippet, filmed right in the veritable crotch of CBGB. Here, unfortunate protagonist Max Menace gets in a scuffle at the bar while the Erasers plough through Iggy Pop's "Funtime." Afterwards, Max gets his comeuppance in that fabled men's room. His assailants are none other than the Cramps. Enjoy.


Too Many Creeps (And oh-so-true these days on the Lower East Side)

Earlier this summer, I asked our kind host, Stupefaction, for a suggestion on an NYC-based video that I could post to my site. He quickly responded with the Bush Tetras, "Too Many Creeps."

Since then, I've watched this video about 1,000 times. I love the shots on the Bowery before it started turning into South Beach.


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