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'You Talkin' To Me?'

It seems we've occasionally strayed from this project's original intent -- that being to showcase songs exclusively about New York City -- to feature video clips that are NYC-centric. I'm certainly guilty of it. But I think calling such clips to attention serves the same end. It's another way of highlighting art that pays tribute to our beloved city. In any event, herewith a clip that does just that. "Disconnect" by the Rollins Band, as a song, isn't even slightly about New York City. It's simply yet another installment in Henry's burly catalog of ditties about alienation and self-loathing. The video, however, acts as an homage to Martin Scorsese's dark, quintessentially New York film, "Taxi Driver." Rollins certainly isn't the first to go this route. David Bowie did it with "I'm Afraid of Americans." Hell, even George Michael kinda did it with "Father Figure."

That all said, I quite enjoy Rollins' take, as it's fairly visually faithful to the look and aesthetic of Scorsese's film. I also enjoy the depiction of NYC, especially the footage of the old, since-vanished Hell's Kitchen standby, The Munson Diner (now relocated somewhere in upstate New York). And as much as he gradually became somewhat self-parodic, I still have a lot of time for Henry Rollins and his music.

There is no rock music in the original "Taxi Driver," of course (unless you count a fleeting invocation of Kris Kristofferson). The film was stirringly scored by the great Bernard Herrmann, the same man responsible for several memorable Hitchcock soundtracks. Hear a taste of that original score in the clip beneath the Rollins video. And if you're as much of an avowed fan of the film as I am, you should really check out Scouting New York's recent piece on the locations of the film.


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