AC/DC "Safe In New York City" (2000)

Only those overly-horned up but still lovable Aussie rock 'n' roll rapscallions, the world's greatest keg-party soundtrack band, the legendary AC/DC, could take what seems to be a song about the declining crime rates in early 2000's-era New York City and turn it into some kind of double-entendre laden filth fest.

Appearing on their well received 2000 release "Stiff Upper Lip," and released as a single with an accompanying video (seen here), the message of the lyrics for "Safe In New York City" seems to possibly be an ode to how "clean" the "easy women" are in New York...? I'm not really sure what the message is here. But it is dirrrrrrtyy as are so many of AC/DC best sing-along anthems. The lyrics for this one follow the song...you decide.

Guitarist and habitual sold-out crowd mooner Angus Young, quoted in the "Stiff Upper Lip" CD booklet liner notes stated that the lyrics of the song were meant to make fun of Rudy Giuliani's claim that he had cleaned up Manhattan: "to me New York is a city where you can never predict what's coming next."

Uh huh.

Especially events of a "random-strangers hooking-up on the street and getting-it-on-like-dogs" kind of nature. I got'cha, Angus, I got'cha.

The Lyrics -

Head over baby give me your hand
Check out the high spots the lay of the land
Need a little rockin' in my big limousine
Oooh, come on over baby and I'll make you obscene

I feel safe in New York City (4X)

All over the city and all of the dives
Don't mess with this place, it'll eat you alive
Got a lip smackin' honey to suck off the jam
I'm on top of the world ma' ready to slam

I feel safe in New York City (8X)

Runnin' all over like a jumpin' bean
Take a look at that thing in the tight assed jeans
Comin' your way, now, you might be in luck
Don't you fret boys, she's ready to buck

I feel safe in New York City (4X)

I feel safe in New York City (7X)

Let it rip

New York
New York
New York

I feel safe in a cage in New York City

Throw away the key

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