Patti Page "New York's My Home" (1956)

In 1956, Patti Page recorded and released her own versions of some of the selections from Gordon Jenkins' successful album "Mahnattan Tower," released earlier the same year. (Scroll down or click HERE to see our previous post on Jenkins' own version of "Manhattan Tower".)

Here, on "New York's My Home," Patti compares New York to all those other "nowhere" places like Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis and Hollywood. They all come up short against the Big Apple. Patti croons in the closing seconds of the song, "When You leave New York...you don't go anywhere." This is a sentiment I've felt a few times myself, sitting in a Greyhound Bus, looking through the window, watching the Manhattan skyline receding behind me as I leave the city for home in Minneapolis. It's a nice place, Minneapolis/St. Paul, but it's NOT New York. For those of us who love NYC, no other place even comes close.


Karate Boogaloo said...

I posted Ray Charles' version of this a while back. Didn't know about this one!

NYCDreamin said...

Nice, I never saw that one when you posted it. The link to the audio is dead though. But it's on Youtube...I like his version better.


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