Slaughter On Tenth Avenue

Originally written as a ballet with music by Richard Rodgers and choreography by George Balanchine, and used in Rodgers and Hart's 1936 Broadway musical comedy On Your Toes, "Slaughter..." has had a bit of a life span. It was reprised in 1948 by Gene Kelly & Vera-Ellen (watch below), and again in the early fifties on television.

I know it because Mick Ronson used it for both the title & title cut on his debut solo album in 1974 just after the Spiders From Mars broke up. A curious uneven album, it includes both some incredible moments ("Only After Dark") and some real head scratchers ("Love Me Tender"). Click here for a fantastically rare promo film for the Ronson release. The artwork & photography for the album was done by New Yorker Leee Black Childers.

Mick Ronson - Slaughter On Tenth Avenue:


Bryan said...

The Ronson track doesn't seem to work.

And, damn -- what a great clip for the Rodgers. You could practically have a whole blog just for his great NYC songs and their many renditions.

Bryan said...

Sorry about that -- the Ronson worked after I refreshed.

Karate Boogaloo said...

Glad you liked the post Bryan. Wish I could have put up that promo video for the Ronson album too.

Nine said...

Fabulous, Mick is one in my soul...thank you!



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